Trust House Limited

Trust House Ltd is a community-owned company based in the Wairarapa.

We operate a range of hospitality businesses in Wairarapa, Pahiatua, Flaxmere and Porirua, and we own and manage nearly 500 rental homes.

In everything we do, we aim to enhance the well-being of people in our region people just like you. We do this by:
  • Operating local businesses that employ locals and make profits
  • Distributing profits to community events and organisations through sponsorship and donations
  • Being a community housing provider that puts people first
Find out more about our businesses.

Who governs us?

Trust House Ltd is governed by a Board of Directors. Currently, there are 6 directors: 3 have been appointed from Masterton Community Trust (MCT), the majority shareholder, and 3 are independent directors. Find out more about Masterton Community Trust.

Meet our people

Senior Management The Trust House Board

Our Strategic Framework

Trust House Limited Strategic Framework

Find out more about us in the video below

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