Nourished for Nil – Who we are and what we do

We are Hawkes Bay based food rescue organisation Nourished for Nil and we collect surplus, unsold, mislabelled and excess food from local hospitality, community gardens and businesses. Our philosophy is to tackle food waste and keep in out of the waste stream where it contributes to greenhouse gases. Did you know, 1/3 of all food is wasted before it even reaches Supermarket shelves. The food we collect is available to all people with no qualification required to receive it. We serve the community from 5 different venues over 8 different service hours every week. The logistics required to ensure food gets picked up, processed and moved to the various locations is overseen and executed by Nikki Gardner our Sustainability officer.

The Trust House Foundation grant helps us to ensure her wages are covered so that she can continue the critical role she plays in our organisation. The community benefits as our service helps address food poverty and goes a long way to increasing food resilience within the Hastings and Napier region.


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