First Health and Wellness

Manaaki ki Wairarapa is a Charitable Trust registered with the Charities Commission.

First Health and Wellness is the business arm which operates a medical centre from 10A First Street in Masterton, every Monday to Friday from 12pm to 8pm, providing professional health care services to anyone requiring urgent care especially after normal working hours. The MKW was established by Patricia Wilkinson in response to anecdotal evidence from communities in the Wairarapa about the need for additional supported health services. Together with two trustees, Andrea Herrick and Heidi Ward-McGrath, we aim to provide affordable, accessible acute health services to the people of the Wairarapa and our visitors, irrespective of who their funded providers might be.

Since opening in September 2020, this nurse-led service has relieved the pressure on the Emergency Department of the Wairarapa Hospital in Masterton and other medical providers (GP’s, Healthline, etc.). At this stage we have more returning patients than one-off visitors. All professional services from local nurses and administrators are voluntary. For this service to continue to thrive, we require on-going funding from philanthropic organisations and the trustees support any ongoing applications.

Our sincere thanks to Trust House Foundation for their grant in March 2021 to cover rent, rates and insurance for 3 months. We hope to continue running this essential service to the community. Thank you, Trust House Foundation, for keeping our doors open.

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First Health Staff

From left: Donna Campbell (Registered Nurse), Neeri Ramchundar (Practice Manager) and Trish Wilkinson (Registered Nurse and founder of the Manaaki ki Wairarapa Trust).

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