Read NZ Te Pou Muramura

Founded in 1972, Read NZ Te Pou Muramura (formerly the Book Council), wants New Zealanders to be the greatest readers on the planet because we know that reading creates better and richer lives.

Our special name expresses the concept of moving from darkness into light, as told in the Māori creation story. This metaphor can also be used to describe what happens during the process of reading.

‘Muramura’ is a glowing ember, flame or blaze, and ‘pou’ is an upright supporting post. Te Pou Muramura speaks to the sustenance of a blaze, in the way that reading can spark a glow or light in our minds.

Read NZ runs programmes and campaigns to spark a glow for reading for all New Zealanders. We research reading habits and barriers to reading, and advocate for its importance.

Our starship programme is Writers in Schools. Each year this programme inspires tens-of-thousands of tamariki and rangatahi to develop a love of reading and writing by bringing a writer or illustrator into their classroom.  In 2021 Trust House is supporting us to deliver our Writers in Schools programme to schools in the Porirua Community.

We believe that by inspiring tamariki to develop a love of reading, our communities will benefit too. Reading is a vital skill in our society.  It helps boost a person’s likelihood of academic and economic success which in turn enables our communities to flourish.

Read NZ Te Pou Muramura

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