The Hockey Wairarapa Association

The Hockey Wairarapa Association over sees all hockey in the Wairarapa region.

We are a not for profit organisation, therefore we rely heavily on the affiliation fees paid by our members and the generous funding and grants received from organisations such as Trust House.

Hockey is a widely enjoyed sport played by people of all ages in the Wairarapa, beginning with funsticks at the age of four or five. In 2019 we had 1700 members playing Hockey at Clareville.

As an organisation we facilitate the game of hockey by collaborating with schools, clubs and individuals to form various grades, modified games & development opportunities.

The grant money we receive annually from Trust house goes directly towards funding the role of our regional development officer, Jess. Jess’s role covers a wide range of opportunities for players, coaches, umpires and volunteers including the small sticks programme in schools. Jess teaches hockey skills to around 1000 kids a year in schools across the Wairarapa region.

Jess also plans, coordinates and delivers development programmes for players from the age of four up to eighteen. This year we have 80 children participating in the funsticks programme for four, five and six year olds.

Other programmes include theory, practical and online courses and upskilling opportunities for coaches, umpires and volunteers of all ages right throughout the year.

Thank you trust house for helping to make all these programmes possible. Our community benefits hugely from the opportunities we can provide thanks to the extra funding we receive. Any development opportunity we can provide has a direct impact on the quality of sport being played, coached and umpired in our region.

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