With the help of the Trust House grant, our Wellington Region Asthma New Zealand was able to assist hundreds of people with asthma and provides them essential knowledge of how to control asthma and live an active life. Every day our nurses visit patients at their homes and give them essential support. After the first asthma education session, our clients receive post-education support as follow up visits and phone calls. Majority of our clients have significant improvement of asthma and able to live symptom-free life.

Asthma New Zealand provide people with Asthma & other respiratory disease with free spacers, masks for spacers, peak flow meters, spacer storage bags in Wellington area. With the support of other funders, we able to provide free nebulisers and hypoallergic bedding products to the clients from low-income social groups.
On a regular basis, our asthma nurses organise education session for health professionals. During education session, nurses receive broad knowledge about Asthma and COPD, guidance how to instruct patients to use inhaler devices, updates about new medications and treatment methods. We work closely with different community groups and organisation in a purpose to approach a wider public and acknowledge about our service. Asthma New Zealand provides diagnostic service for respiratory diseases such as Lung Function test and Nitric Oxide test. We also hire nebuliser machines and myAIRVO device which essential for our clients with severe COPD.

Your support means a great deal to us and our many beneficiaries. It really does make a difference allowing us to deliver our free programme for the people with Asthma and other respiratory in the community.

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