The Breast Cancer Aotearoa Coalition (BCAC) is a charity run by NZ women who have experienced breast cancer and want to support others through their breast cancer journey.

BCAC members know that becoming informed about breast cancer, the treatments, and supports available can help women and their families to feel empowered, in control and better able to make good decisions. For many, just knowing that others have been through the same experience can help.

How we help people with breast cancer

A key part of BCAC’s support work is our free Step by Step support pack which we create and provide to New Zealanders who have just received a breast cancer diagnosis. Each pack has an information booklet, a diary for recording appointments and medical information, and a journal for recording personal thoughts and feelings.

Step by Step provides clear and accurate information that demystifies breast cancer and its treatment, offers support and helps to relieve some of the fear and anxiety that a diagnosis inevitably brings. Feedback from recipients and medical staff has been overwhelmingly positive.

How Trust House Foundation Grant Funding helps us help others

BCAC is using a grant from the Trust House Foundation to help print 5,000 copies of a new, updated edition of Step by Step.

The grant from the Trust House Foundation secures another two years’ supply of packs for the Wairarapa, Wellington, Porirua and Hutt regions.

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