Trust House Foundation’s ongoing support for King Street Artworks is crucial to the mental health provider continuing to operate effectively.

With Wairarapa DHB the principal funder, King St Artworks is reliant on grant applications from organisations such as Trust House which this year has given $13,000 to assist with operational costs.

Manager of King St Artworks, Ian Chapman, says Trust House has shown a keen interest in mental health and wellbeing in the community and this is reflected in the growing support they have provided in recent years.

King St Artworks is the only DHB-funded creative-space in New Zealand with an open-door policy, meaning a referral from a GP or medical practitioner is not required.

Mr Chapman says their open-door policy is essential as it recognises that early intervention and self-directed care is vital for a healthier and more resilient community.

King St Artworks has been operating in Masterton for 21-years. Its main purpose is to provide a safe and inclusive community in which individuals can maintain or regain their mental wellness through creative expression.

While art is the focus, which is “obviously not for everybody”, King St Artworks acts as a community space for people to connect.

“We have a lot of peer support that happens naturally here, and friendships build up quickly so people that do come here do so for the contact, and inevitably those friendships trickle out in the community.”

The number of people coming into King St Artworks varies between 35 to 65 per day. There is a core of people who come every day and then a flux of those who will use the service when they need to, Mr Chapman says

As an early intervention and self-directed care model, people could be here for a couple of weeks which on its own is not necessarily a quick fix, what’s important is having a continuity of service.”

Trust House has shown a keen interest in mental health and wellbeing in the community, says King St Artworks manager, Ian Chapman.

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