Birthright Wellington Incorporated is a not for profit community social services organisation dedicated to the well-being of children and young people that are living in families that are led by one person. Our mission is to promote “resilient, inspired families”. We believe that the children of one caregiver families are entitled to the same “birth right” as other New Zealand children. That is, a good start in life, help in times of crisis and the opportunities to reach their full potential.

We work alongside families offering budgeting, advocacy work, goal setting plans, home-based social work support, family living skills, parenting programmes, and children and young people’s self-esteem programmes. We support parents to understand and address the negative impact of family harm for all the family members.

We provide programmes and social services that improve the well-being of vulnerable children and young people. We could not do what we do without the support of Trust House. Without this amazing support, many of these children would fall through the gaps, these children ultimately suffer social implications that put them at “high risk”.

We provide children and young people and their families with new skills, resources, opportunities and experiences that are supportive. These supports have a positive impact on personal growth, health and well-being. The many positive outcomes achieved are; increased safety, improved relationships, improved health, increase in attendance at school, greater contribution to the community, increased confidence, skills and resiliency.

Thank you so much Trust House!

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