The CareVets Charitable Foundation is a non-profit charity and was set up by the directors of CareVets veterinary clinics to provide for the welfare of animals in New Zealand.
We assign 100% of all money donated towards the welfare of animals. This ensures that funds are not lost or tied up in administration or bank fees as Carevets’ veterinary clinics cover these.
The foundation addresses a variety of animal welfare projects, as well as working with local dog control officers to alleviate common problems and initiate preventative measures against them. Our ongoing projects include:

  •  Desexing stray cats/dogs
  • Free desexing of dogs for those with low income (Community Card holders)
  • Education of children on dog bite prevention
  • Vaccinating canine parvovirus, a contagious and often fatal virus for at risk low income families

The Trust House Foundation has enabled many of our projects and continued to provide support for the welfare of animals in New Zealand through our foundation. Through funding desexing, they have helped to decrease the number of stray and unwanted cats & dogs which contribute to the nuisance problems of Porirua. Their grants have also assisted in awareness and prevention of the contagious canine parvovirus.
There has been overwhelmingly positive feedback from the work we have done with this funding, and the communities have greatly benefited from our joint efforts.

If you have an animal welfare issue or project that you think we should look at, please contact us via or visit our contact page on

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