Before we give you a history of our club we would like to thank you from all the members of Hastings Artists Group for your generous donation of $2000 from the Trust House funds.

The club was initiated by Ian Thompson, Diane Thompson, Sheryl Eustace and Winnie Doevendans who are all well known in Hawke’s Bay art circles.  Their reason to form this art club was that there was no alternative art club once night classes were stopped in Hastings.

The first committee was formed in January 2013 with Ian as President, Sheryl as Secretary, Winnie as Treasurer and Diane as a committee member.

The aims of the club are still to:

  • Keep the annual membership fee affordable
  • Rent premises
  • Encourage beginners
  • Meet once a month for an open painting session
  • Have small weekly sessions specialising in water colour, oil, acrylic and pastel
  • Foster participation in art
  • Hire tutors

The grant from Trust House will be used for hiring specialised tutors, equipment such as folding tables, easels, paints, canvases and brushes.  Beginners to art will greatly benefit from being able to take advantage of this range of equipment available to them which is also available to all club members and being able to subsidise the hire of a tutor definitely makes these teaching sessions affordable for all members.

We understand that the Trust House funds originate from Flaxmere and we are pleased that a few of our members are from this area of Hastings.  Receiving this funding from the community will definitely give us the opportunity to expand our tutoring opportunities and increase experimentation with materials which otherwise we may not have been able to afford.

Find out more from the groups Facebook page.


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