The Copthorne Hotel, Solway Park Wairarapa implements new environmental processes.

They have  joined the initiative, “Beyond Skin Deep”.  The hospitality industry discards billions of soap bars every day.  By recycling soap we not only reduce landfill waste and the use of raw materials, we give it a second life; one that saves lives. Beyond Skin Deep collect our discarded soap bars from the hotel.  A specialist facility then cleans and filters the soap.  Each bar is shredded, heated and refined to create new hygienic bars ready for distribution.  They then distribute the soap to those in need and educate vulnerable communities about disease prevention and management.

The Housekeeping team, spurred on by Wendy Heaps, Executive Housekeeper,  are rolling out compostable plastic bin liner bags that are made from corn starch, supplied by Compost Me. Though this is a slightly more expensive option, they are fully compostabile. read more from their website. Wendy and the team are also collecting excess shampoo, body wash and body lotion and placing them into large bottles. This will be donated to Age Concern Wairarapa and other interested parties.

If  your organisation is interested in receiving collected product, please contact Wendy Heaps at the hotel on (06) 3700500 or email her at We’re pleased to be doing our bit.

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