Disability Resource Centre HB Trust (DRC – Living Life Connected), promotes independence by offering a quality service to enhance inclusion in the Hawke’s Bay community. Its vision is a society that is good for and to all. It provides a quality employment service, enables people with disabilities to achieve their aspirations, provides free, objective information to people with disabilities, and provides a positive, caring and supportive environment.

To date, the generosity of Trust House Foundation grant funding has assisted DRC by contributing towards essential vehicle running costs. The vehicles are used to transport clients to meaningful recreational and job seeking activities, as well as being used by staff to go to client meetings and workplace support visits. The vehicles are essential to the achievement of DRC’s purpose.

For example, the vehicles are used in DRC’s volunteer meals on wheels programme. You can see DRC clients Beth and Barry delivering meals to local people who are unable to cook for themselves. Beth checks the meal off the list, and Barry delivers the meal to the door.

In this example and in many others, people who would otherwise experience barriers to community engagement are equipped by DRC with the tools and resources they need to reach their full potential and take their place as valued members of society. As well as people with disabilities in the community benefiting directly from the services of DRC, the community as a whole also benefits from their contributions.

Disability Resource Centre HB Trust
06 873 8210
0800 693 7010
204 Nelson Street South, Hastings
PO Box 2348, Stortford Lodge, Hastings


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